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Casual Sex in Norway

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries and needless to say, has been one hell of a tourist destination for several groups of travellers and individual explorers.

The beauty of this magnificent country is beyond the scope of words as we travellers get to see not just nature, but architectural marvels as well. Norway is a delight beyond expression and surely one of the most favourable tourist destinations to spend a long weekend or week for total relaxation and rejuvenation. But that’s not all what Norway has in its beauty quotient and certainly not what all that you can enjoy here. If you happen to be one of the tourists as well and want to have one of the best and most memorable vacations, you can have some amazing steamy flings with girls in Norway and enjoy beyond limits.

Welcome to New Age Norway, where the modernity knows no bounds and joy has no limits. As far as the pleasure of the visiting explorers and tourists goes, that too can be easily taken care of here in Norway. Three of the major cities in Norway are the capital city of Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. Having been fairly modernized and very much familiar with the world culture as well, Norway people do not shy away from keeping themselves completely satisfied in every walk of life, including sex.

Yes, casual dating is on the rise in Norway. No, not in the outskirts in the village greens…but right in the heart of major cities like Oslo that happens to be tourist hubs as well. Casual dating or fling or just a sexual relationship without any emotional attachment was considered more of an American thing a few years ago and tourists had to pay heck lot of money for escorts in the nation. However, tourists in the previous years have had no issues in hooking up with the local girls. After all what everyone wants is to keep the pants calm, without having to worry anything about the other person’s emotions. How is it working out? Pretty good actually as quite a lot of people are opening up to the idea of casual sex and having flings instead of relationships.

Convenient satisfaction

Yes, that’s what it is. For tourists who just want to add to the tally of their conquests and move ahead while having themselves completely satisfied, local Norwegian girls from Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen do not shy away from indulging into casual sex and flings with temporary visitors. After all they understand that these tourists like us would be gone soon, with not attachment or link to be worried about. So it is convenient and discreet satisfaction at its best. And after all, there’s nothing wrong in two adults coming together to fulfil each other’s need while respecting each other’s boundaries.

For indulging in casual sex or to have a fling with a local girl in Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim, you can make a profile of yourself on popular fling and dating sites like C-Date and Victoria Milan. Show the girls the respect they deserve and be discreet in every way possible. Out of the three cities that we are repeatedly mentioning, Oslo has been reported to have more interested number of girls who are keen to have casual sexual bond with the visiting tourists for fun. This keeps them satisfied to the limit, safe from societal norms and peers while happy beyond limits. And we tourists, well…we don’t have a problem at all, now do we? (Wink)

However, there are certain ground rules that need to be followed if you’re trying to score a Norwegian girl for a fling or just-sex relationship for a few days and you need to be open to these things to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Do not try to go against the girl’s wishes, do not contact much or share your personal details and information. And most important of all, maintain yourself- be a gentleman in meeting, and an animal in the bed. Because if it isn’t raw and passionate, it isn’t enjoyable at all.

Can you get a safe hook up?

Yes of course you can. Norway has emerged significantly from its shy cultural image to a new modern nation that is open to sexuality like never before. Be it guys or girls, people know their needs and are ready to experiment to keep themselves satisfied as always. Quite a lot of visitors and tourists to Norway, especially the ones visiting the major cities like Oslo and Bergen have been very expressive and vocal about their sexual adventures with local girls. Just by making the profiles on Tinder, C-Date and other popular dating sites like Victoria Milan and by then playing the right moves, you can surely add a pinch of steaminess and spice to your wonderful and memorable stay in Norwegian cities.

How the Internet Changed the Way We Communicate

On December 21, 1990, the internet had its first website go up. This means that just recently, the internet celebrated its 25th birthday – and what a sensational 25 years it has been!

Every minute, more than 204 million emails are sent. And every second, more than 1,900 Skype calls are made and more than 52,000 Google searches are conducted. That’s an unthinkable amount of learning, sharing, and communicating to happen in the matter of a minute, all of which would not be happening without a WiFi connection. Over the past 25 years, we have watched the internet defy all odds, making the impossible very possible, and especially in the way of bringing people together.

It’s difficult for us to now imagine a world where Facebook doesn’t exist to help us catch up with our Aunt Mindy’s, or where Twitter doesn’t exist to share what we had for breakfast. Sure, this kind of behavior can be seen as destructive to real human connection, but if done the right way, it can also greatly enhance the way we connect and communicate.

Social media, for example, brings us closer together with those we hold dearly from afar. In the past, the strongest of friendships may have admitted a sad defeat to the barriers of long distance call charges and cost of airfare. The internet, however, is helping us keep long distance friendships alive. Social media sites allow us to connect with all of the people we love on a daily basis, and even provide us means of communication necessary for making plans to meet face to face.

Dating websites have found people the relationship they would have searched a lifetime for on their own.  Strategic software matches people who are compatible on a deeper level, ensuring that each couple is a couple built to last. Thanks to dating websites, people can avoid the awkward bar scene to instead find the person they’ve been dreaming of with the touch of a button and in the comfort of their own living rooms. Many have the internet to thank for finding them their soul mates, and even bringing their children into the world.

On top of that, the internet has made it possible for people to make a living and support their families without even having to leave their beds in the morning. That’s right – people can apply for jobs, be interviewed for jobs, work a job, and get paid for a job all through a stable internet connection. The online freelance community is a fast growing one, with careers in the areas of journalism, accounting, graphic design, programming, marketing, legal, and even engineering becoming more and more readily available. In fact, it’s estimated that a staggering 53 million Americans have hopped on board with the freelance community (that’s 34% of the entire workforce)!

And if you don’t have the credentials to become a freelancer in one of those fields, the dream is still closer than you think! Courses conducted entirely online are beginning to educate the people of today, with a real degree being available upon completion.

So while it is unhealthy to remain glued to your Instagram feed at a family function or document an intimate and private date for the world to see over Snapchat, the internet is bringing lots more good into our lives than bad. Without the internet, we wouldn’t be able to share, learn, support, or communicate with each other in the instantaneous way that we do – the way that is shaping our generation into one so unique from generations past. Years from now, we’ll be telling our grandchildren about how we saw the birth of the internet happen, and their eyes will only widen in amazement.

If you want to learn more about the origins of the Internet, watch also the documentary.

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