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Casual Sex in Norway

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries and needless to say, has been one hell of a tourist destination for several groups of travellers and individual explorers.

The beauty of this magnificent country is beyond the scope of words as we travellers get to see not just nature, but architectural marvels as well. Norway is a delight beyond expression and surely one of the most favourable tourist destinations to spend a long weekend or week for total relaxation and rejuvenation. But that’s not all what Norway has in its beauty quotient and certainly not what all that you can enjoy here. If you happen to be one of the tourists as well and want to have one of the best and most memorable vacations, you can have some amazing steamy flings with girls in Norway and enjoy beyond limits.

Welcome to New Age Norway, where the modernity knows no bounds and joy has no limits. As far as the pleasure of the visiting explorers and tourists goes, that too can be easily taken care of here in Norway. Three of the major cities in Norway are the capital city of Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. Having been fairly modernized and very much familiar with the world culture as well, Norway people do not shy away from keeping themselves completely satisfied in every walk of life, including sex.

Yes, casual dating is on the rise in Norway. No, not in the outskirts in the village greens…but right in the heart of major cities like Oslo that happens to be tourist hubs as well. Casual dating or fling or just a sexual relationship without any emotional attachment was considered more of an American thing a few years ago and tourists had to pay heck lot of money for escorts in the nation. However, tourists in the previous years have had no issues in hooking up with the local girls. After all what everyone wants is to keep the pants calm, without having to worry anything about the other person’s emotions. How is it working out? Pretty good actually as quite a lot of people are opening up to the idea of casual sex and having flings instead of relationships.

Convenient satisfaction

Yes, that’s what it is. For tourists who just want to add to the tally of their conquests and move ahead while having themselves completely satisfied, local Norwegian girls from Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen do not shy away from indulging into casual sex and flings with temporary visitors. After all they understand that these tourists like us would be gone soon, with not attachment or link to be worried about. So it is convenient and discreet satisfaction at its best. And after all, there’s nothing wrong in two adults coming together to fulfil each other’s need while respecting each other’s boundaries.

For indulging in casual sex or to have a fling with a local girl in Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim, you can make a profile of yourself on popular fling and dating sites like C-Date and Victoria Milan. Show the girls the respect they deserve and be discreet in every way possible. Out of the three cities that we are repeatedly mentioning, Oslo has been reported to have more interested number of girls who are keen to have casual sexual bond with the visiting tourists for fun. This keeps them satisfied to the limit, safe from societal norms and peers while happy beyond limits. And we tourists, well…we don’t have a problem at all, now do we? (Wink)

However, there are certain ground rules that need to be followed if you’re trying to score a Norwegian girl for a fling or just-sex relationship for a few days and you need to be open to these things to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Do not try to go against the girl’s wishes, do not contact much or share your personal details and information. And most important of all, maintain yourself- be a gentleman in meeting, and an animal in the bed. Because if it isn’t raw and passionate, it isn’t enjoyable at all.

Can you get a safe hook up?

Yes of course you can. Norway has emerged significantly from its shy cultural image to a new modern nation that is open to sexuality like never before. Be it guys or girls, people know their needs and are ready to experiment to keep themselves satisfied as always. Quite a lot of visitors and tourists to Norway, especially the ones visiting the major cities like Oslo and Bergen have been very expressive and vocal about their sexual adventures with local girls. Just by making the profiles on Tinder, C-Date and other popular dating sites like Victoria Milan and by then playing the right moves, you can surely add a pinch of steaminess and spice to your wonderful and memorable stay in Norwegian cities.


How Online Dating is Encouraging Hook-Up Culture

It seems that our culture has many different opinions on the topic of “hooking up”. Some describe the act as sleazy and degrading, while others describe it as natural and empowering. Despite what anyone has to say about it, hooking up seems to be becoming much more common, and the world of online dating and free sex is partly responsible.

In the 70’s, the act of sleeping with someone without being in a committed relationship had already become more widely accepted. With the introduction of birth control, people were finally free to have flings without the threat of pregnancy. It was also around this time that people started to throw away the conventional idea of getting married after college, making casual sex a little more necessary than it was before.

Although there were fewer barriers which stood between people hooking up, there was still one barrier leftover which continued to threaten the possibility of it happening altogether. Before “hooking up”, one has to “pick up”. The problem with this is that in our culture, one does not simply walk up to a desirable mate, ask them to have sex, and have the odds work out in their favor. In our culture, this is how one gets a drink thrown in their face.

Needless to say, although people started having casual sex a little more frequently in the 70’s, its rise was at a standstill. That is, until the World Wide Web came around. And with the World Wide Web came dating platforms.

In the 90’s dating platforms were starting to spring up all over the place, changing the way the population thought about dating. Match was one of the first to come out, giving people the power to not only broaden their list of potential mates but also approach one another with more confidence. When you’re divided by a screen, you can be whoever you want to be. You can pick someone up with a witty one-liner without tripping over your words, and rejection is also a lot less painful. Not to mention, a screen can’t exactly throw a drink in your face.

That being said, dating platforms finally gave people the freedom to openly ask for sex without risk of harsh rejection. If the other person isn’t into it, no harm was done and a long list of potential matches still lingered at your fingertips. Dating platforms caught onto this trend and to simplify the process of hooking up they even began asking their users the kind of relationship they were looking for. This information was then displayed publically on the user’s profile, “casual sex” being one of the options to choose from.

Online dating has bestowed upon the public features which make the act of “hooking up” easier than ever before. In our fast paced world, there are an estimated 8,000 free dating websites and apps which are aiding people in their quest for casual sex, 2,500 of these websites existing in the USA alone.

And statistics go to show that there could be a strong correlation between the rise of online dating and the epidemic of casual sex. A recent survey shows that a shocking 87% of college students have had casual sex with someone before while 60% of the teenage demographic will at some point have sex with someone they’re not in a relationship with.

These statistics are shocking the nation, causing many to worry that the rise of hookup culture will destroy the idea of a loving relationship forever. While this fear is rational, other statistics show that the idea of getting hitched won’t be done away with altogether. Surprisingly, 12% of hookups do eventually lead to these loving relationships our culture is so afraid of losing. So, maybe the act of having sex with no-strings-attached really isn’t as bad as some people think.

In the end, sex is a natural human desire. It’s good not only for our physical health but our mental health as well. If the internet and technology are making sex easier to come by, we believe that we’ll see a culture of more open-minded, happy, and healthy individuals. As long as online dating doesn’t do away with the idea of love and committed relationships entirely, we believe that only good things are to come.


Online Dating Today and in the Future

It seems less people are finding love face to face to instead look for it in the virtual world, recent statistics show.

Online dating has brought a whirlwind of new experiences to the population. Now, people can find love at their fingertips and in the comfort of their own homes. There’s no need to dress up for a tipsy, loud night at the bar or sit through a horribly awkward blind date anymore. People are marketing themselves through the likes of dating platforms the same way American Eagle markets ripped jeans through their web store, and instead of destroying the dating experience, it seems this sort of behavior is actually enhancing it!

There has been lots of stigma regarding online dating and hook-up culture lately. It seems that the more popular online dating became, the more popular random hook-ups became as well. With this coincidence, it’s easy to assume that dating websites have been turning our culture into a raunchy wasteland of meaningless sex. Statistics, however, show that the correlation between the two may be nonexistent.

In 2015, it seemed that those using online dating websites were looking more for a meaningful relationship than they were for casual sex. 64% of those surveyed claimed that common interests were the most important factor to finding a partner online whereas only 49% of those surveyed admitted that physical characteristics were the most important factor to finding a partner online. This information could preach a much more respectable future for the world of online dating, perhaps even one which (for the most part) leaves hook-up culture in the dust.

eHarmony is also looking at a bright future in the world of online dating. Recent research released by the prosperous dating platform estimates that by the year 2040, 70% of relationships will have a WiFi connection to thank.

While this kind of estimation seems to a little farfetched, current statistics don’t deny the possibility of it. At the moment, online dating websites are filled with 50,000,000 members from the US alone – that’s 15% of the entire US population! This number is steady on the climb too, as internet connection is becoming easier and easier to come by. A staggering 80% of the population has a home internet connection, either through computer or on a mobile device.

Statistics in Britain also hint at an epidemic in online lovers. A survey sent out in 2015 revealed that more than 50% of those who are happily hitched would gladly jump on board with a dating website if they were ever single again. The real kicker though is that research done in 2012 shows that 47% of Britain’s marriages end in divorce. Maybe it will be the queen’s nation which will lead the world into an online dating craze…

Or perhaps it will be the older generation. eHarmony estimates that by 2030, the number of 55-64 year old users on dating websites will raise by 30% – from 1.87 million to 2.41 million.

We’ll give it to those guys without any further investigation, though. Who better to take advantage of online dating than the generation responsible for the birth of the internet in the first place?

How the internet has changed the dating scene

Swiping, scrolling, clicking, and messaging… this is what the modern world of dating looks like. While the older generation shakes their head at the idea that we’re now seeking out our potential spouses from behind a screen, the younger generation breathes a sigh of relief.

While the dating scene did become more lax towards the mid 1900’s, men were still expected to make the first move, and only to women they could find in the immediate surrounding area. Needless to say, pickings were slim and competition was fierce.

Premarital sex was finally becoming more and more widely accepted with the introduction of birth control towards the 21st century. The Women’s Movement had also given ladies the empowerment they needed to start making first moves too, which opened up the world of dating even more, and especially for the men of the shyer variety. Despite these advances, one problem still remained: partners could only be sought out in the immediate surrounding area.

Then, in 1994, the world was given exactly what they needed to supercharge their dating experience – a dating website! was the first one to open its doors. While people were reluctant towards the idea at first, it soon gained popularity and became a dating tactic so widely used that it’s now hard to imagine our world without it.

Dating websites proved to be more than just a fad as they help people who would have otherwise never had the chance to meet connect on a deeper level. Personality quizzes bring the most compatible of people together while levels of attraction are easily determined with a quick flip through profile photos. The stress and anxiety of making the first move ceased to exist, as they could now be conducted flawlessly through the barrier of a screen rather than awkwardly through face to face interaction. And this all goes without mention of the fact that the dating radius expanded considerably, bringing loads of new, friendly faces into the immediate realm.

While there are lots of positives that come with online dating, the trend comes with a couple negatives too. For instance, it’s impossible to get a real judge of character simply by sending a couple messages back and forth, and there are quite a few people who use the service simply as a means of “hooking up”. That being said, many people looking for a serious relationship become frustrated with the process and give up on it after a while.

Yet regardless of the negatives, it is still estimated that more than 8,000 dating websites are connecting people around the world as you read these words. Even more shocking is that a whopping 17% of all marriages that happened in the past year owe it all to the magic of online dating.

These stats go to show that while the concept of online dating has its downfalls, it still isn’t as taboo as it may seem. So we encourage you all to swipe, scroll, click, and message your heart out. Your soul mate could very well be hiding behind a screen at this very moment, and they’re easier to find now than ever before!

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